प्रहरी कन्ट्रोल : १००, टोल फ्री नं.: १६६००१४१५१६
Narayanhiti Security Garad Gulm

The Narayanhiti Palace Security Garad Gulm was established on 2061/1/17   by Nepal Government and its name changed as Narayanhiti Security Garad Gulm in 2064/6/15. Nepal Police was given responsibility to provide security for Narayanhiti National Museum in 2065/2/30.



“To provide effective security for Narayanhiti National Museum”


Organizational Structure


Manpower of Narayanhiti Security Garad Gulm

         Rank             Total     
Insp. 1
SI 4
HC 17
Constable 90
Followers 7
Total 125



Duties and Responsibility

  • Provide security for Narayanhiti National Museum.
  • Perform the task provided by Metropolitan Police Commissioners office.
  • To conduct orientation training to police personnel regarding security, as needed.


Future Plan

  • To make better security plan for Narayanhiti National Museum.
  • To propose for installation of security related devices like CCTV to make effective security in Narayanhiti National Museum.
  • Organize security related orientation trainings to police personnel.
  • To coordinate with government and non-government organizations for effective security management.