प्रहरी कन्ट्रोल : १००, टोल फ्री नं.: १६६००१४१५१६
Anashrit Armed Police Gulm

The first Jail of Nepal was established in 1971 BS. The central jail situated at  Jagannathdeval is the first jail of Nepal. This jail is called "Central Jail" which was known as "Sadar Jail" initially. After the popular revolution of 2007 BS, Ministry of Home took over the commands of   this jail. After the division of Nepal into 14 Zones and 75 District, Local Administration took over the managerial responsibilities of this Jail. in 2019 BS Prison Act was enacted. To improve the management of this jail Home Ministry took over the responsibilities of this jail in 2050 BS again. At the local level, CDO of the particular district bears the responsibility of Jail. There are 63 Jails in 73 district of Nepal except for the Sunsari, Dhanusa, Bara and Bhaktapur districts. There are 2 Jails in Dang (at Ghorai and Tulsipur) district and Kathmandu district (Jagannathdeval and Dillibazar).

1.Central Jail
Central Jainl was established in 1971 BS. It is the biggest Jail of Nepal. This jail is located at the centre of capital. Drinking water corporation lies at the eastern part, Bhotebahal at the western part, Kathmandu metropolitan at the northern part of this Jail. This jail is spread in area of 42 ropanies. Inside this Jail there are Bhadra Jail, Women Jail and Central Jail. There are 9 block in  Central Jail, 3 block in Bhadra Jail and 3 in Women Jail. There is small industry inside this Jail for prisoners.

2.Dillibazar Jail
This Jail was established in 1978 BS in Dillibazar. The total area of this Jail is 4 ropanies.  There are two blocks inside this Jail for male and female each. Since 2063/9/28 female prisoners are transferred to the central jail.

3.Nakhu Jail
Taksar department was replaced by Nakhu Jail in 2007 BS. The area of this Jail is 35 ropanies and 12 ana.  This Jail is located at Lalitpur district, outside ring road. There is road at the eastern part, Sudesha Boarding school at the western part, local resident at the northern part and Nakhu river at the southern part.

“To make congenial prison management for all people coming in to the prison for legal punishment upholding the international principles of human rights.”


                                  Organizational Structure


Manpower of Metropolitan Anashrit Armed Police Gulm, Tripureshowr, Kathmandu

        Rank             Total     
Insp. 3
SI 12
ASI 18
HC 51
Constable 270
Followers 21
Total 375



Duties and Responsibilities

  • Uphold the rules and regulation.
  • Take prisoners from and to the court and other places and in particular time with good security according to the Prison administration.
  • Be attentive and cooperative to prisoners.
  • Report the prison concerns especially related to security to the concerned department.
  • To be polite and kind to the visitors of prisoners.
  • Coordinate with different organization to reduce crime and re-establish new life of prisoners after they are released of prison terms.
  • Performing duties and responsibilities without providing any mental and physical ressure to prisoners.


Future Plan

  • According to the law, suspects will be kept in the custody and  initiated to facilitate for justices.
  • Criminals should be placed at international standard, provide them security and coordinate with different government and non government agencies to reestablish them back to the society.
  • Obey the rules of Human Rights.