प्रहरी कन्ट्रोल : १००, टोल फ्री नं.: १६६००१४१५१६

Garrison Police provide security to VIPs, cultural heritages, embassies, historical monuments and corporation. Garrison police (Guard Police) was established in 2036 to provide security for such a places and purposes. The guard battalion was named as Police Security Battalion on 2038/01/22 BS. For security responsibilities, the retired police and army personal were recruited at the beginning. Since 2043 BS, Nepal Police took all the responsibilities of this battalion under the command of Police Superintendent (SP) with the strength of 814 police personnel. After the enactment of separate regulation of the Battalion in 2064, the  process of re-recruitment of retired police person was stopped and this battalion is working under the instruction of Metropolitan Police Office, Ranipokhari.


“To work according to the instruction of issued from the Operations Department and IGP’s Secretariat, Police Headquarters and upholding the principles and standards of human rights in all its operational responsibilities.”

             Organizational Structure


Manpower of Police Garrison Battalion

        Rank             Total     
SP 1
DySp 4
Insp. 8
SI 26
ASI 39
HC 137
Constable 560
Followers 39
Total 814


Duties and Responsibilities

  • To provide security to the VIPs.
  • To provide security to the historical monuments, Cultural heritages and different places like ponds, public place.
  • To provide security to the foreign Embassies, Ambassadors and their residents.
  • To work according to the instruction of Metropolitan Commissioners office.


Future Plan

  • Provide security to the VIPs.
  • Coordinate with people in social and religious ceremonies and occasions.
  • Orient officers and conduct training to the police personnel for security.
  • Maintaining peace and order in coordination with different NGO’s and INGO’s.
  • Install CCTV in the city centers, business points and at historical places and monuments.
  • Perform other duties in accordance with the instruction of Metropolitan Police Commissioners office.