प्रहरी कन्ट्रोल : १००, टोल फ्री नं.: १६६००१४१५१६
Armed Police Battalion


The Metropolitan Armed Police Battalion No 2 is situated at Kathmandu Metropolitan City, ward no 3, Maharajgunj, Lazimpat covering 66.34 ropani areas. The government decided on 26th Jestha 2045 to establish the Armed Police Battalion No 2 being sensitizes the necessity to crack down the different nature of crime and maintain social order, along with the sense of restructuring the existing police organization. In the beginning this Battalion was under direct supervision of regional police office, Hetauda. Later, with the establishment of Metropolitan Police Office, Ranipokhari; this battalion has regularly carrying out the responsibility and order as allotted by the Metropolitan Police Office. The battalion is cautiously and effectively working with the realization of sense of belongingness. To enhance the skillful manpower the battalion is regularly conducting training jointly with Special Task force. Similarly, the battalion has been rated best being mobilized to conduct the election of historical constituent assembly in peaceful manner following the democratic norms and principle. Beside this, the battalion has been a part of constituent assembly being highly deployed as to shoulder the security prospects ever since the first meeting for the constituent assembly.

Commetment, Norms and Values

  • Mobilize police personnel for reinforcement in the valley during riots and civil disorder.
  • The police personnel may also be deployed outside the valley in severe condition like natural disaster.
  • Remain in stand-by, so will move as per necessity.
  • Every personnel bounded by the standing order.
  • Every personnel must be responsible and accountable towards the battalion.
  • Police personnel will be rewarded or punished according to their performance.

Organizational Structure, Metropolitan Armed Police Battalion No-2

Manpower of Metropolitan Armed Police Battalion no. 2

      Rank         Total   
SP 1
DySp 1
Insp. 6
SI 22
ASI 30
HC 93
Constable 412
Followers 35
Total 600


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Management of social security/law and order.
  • Provide security to V.I.Ps.
  • Mobilize personnel in rescue operation.
  • Maintain the social peace and harmony mitigating any sorts of social disorder and chaos.
  • Operate trainings according to the standard training curriculum.
  • Mobilize police personnel during national festivals, fairs and ceremonies.
  • Perform the funeral ritual activities of ex-personnel and V.I.P. as required.

Future Plan

  • Necessary training will be conducted to groom the police personnel for effective deployment in time of need.
  • This battalion will be transferred in suitable place. Being abided with the decision of Police Head Quarters, the battalion premises is going to be handed to the Nepal Police Headquarter for the establishment of Nepal Police Medical College in near future.